Außenansicht - Hausfassade mit Logo - Hofergut Außenansicht - Hausfassade mit Logo - Hofergut  Außenfassade - Hofergut

Discover your historical holiday in Val Pusteria, South Tyrol

Old soul, new core

Everything is changing. In 1085, nobody could imagine what would become of the Hofer estate.

But one thing is certain: It has always been destined for greatness.

Every era has a story to tell

Rural estates, known as “Houve-Höfe”, are among the oldest economic entities in the country. In the era of Charlemagne, they were given special administrative tasks. This was also the case for our Hofergut, which at the time was known as the “Hofer” estate.

According to ancient tradition, the estate not only served as the seat of the lords of Riscone from 1085 AD, but was also the seat of the St. Michelsburg provincial court. This makes the estate one of the oldest documented buildings in the region.

Historic vacation - detail wood with pattern - Hofergut Historic vacation - Culinary delights - Hofergut Historic vacation - Hallway with chairs & cupboards - Hofergut Historic vacation - Close-up of wood - Hofergut Historic vacation - Exterior view - Hofergut
The present
Those who put down roots can grow

With great care, a new breath of life was given to the manor house – which is a listed building. Protected by old walls, a holiday home has been created that embodies the blend of old and new with every breath.

Historic vacation - Living room - Close-up of tables with chairs - Hofergut Historic vacation - Living room - Close-up of table with chair & stove - Hofergut Historic vacation - Living room - Close-up of vases - Hofergut
Traditional Stuben parlours

… open all day, invite you to read and make plans.

Historical vacation - Lounge - Hofergut Historic vacation - Lounge with tables & chairs - Hofergut

… as a modern meeting place, perfect for relaxing.

Historic vacation - Honesty Bar with chairs - Hofergut Historic vacation - Honesty Bar - Hofergut
Honesty Bar

… integrated in the original smokehouse.

Wonderfully calm, reduced to the essentials. A coherent ambiance that unfolds throughout the entire house: Stylish suites & apartments. Cozy parlours with authentic, historical character. The Honesty Bar with selected South Tyrolean products. Also to be found in your historic holiday in South Tyrol: authentic décor, consisting of collector items, ex-libris collections, and vintage paintings.