Naturerlebniss Hofergut Feel good & relax - Autumn walk for two - Hofergut

Your holiday in the nature & places of power in South Tyrol

Back to the roots

Blossom. Let yourself unwind, relax and watch the trees grow. Discover new paths along the way. Following your inner compass, breathing in freedom and breathing out serenity. Enjoy your holiday in nature and take a moment in South Tyrol’s places of power.

Feel good & relax - Wooden house facade - Hofergut
A place to enjoy

… let your eyes wander from your holiday home over the vast forest backdrop. Take the opportunity for a tranquil morning stroll or find a moment of reflection in the silence of the forest.

Feel good & relax - Aufhofener Kofel - Hofergut
A place to breathe
Colle di Villa Santa Caterina

… a wonderful hike leads through the forest to the cross on Villa Santa Caterina, which adorns the rocky outcrop. Located above Brunico, in a panoramic position – overlooking the valley and the surrounding mountain giants.

Feel good & relax - Close-up of maple tree in fall from below - Hofergut
A place to relax
The Ameto love tree

… surrounded by flowering dandelions in spring, providing shade in summer, radiant in the golden light of autumn, dreaming in the sunset of winter – a maple tree with a privileged position above Brunico. A symbol of eternal unity with deep roots and a romantic destination at any time of year.

Well-being & relaxation - River in the forest - Hofergut
A place to marvel
La Gola della Rienza

… wonderful nature trail along the banks of the Rienza. This leads past alluvial forests, the “Angel wall”, through tunnels and stretches between Brunico and Perca.

Feel good & relax - 3 Lakes Park - Lake in the middle of the forest - Hofergut
A place to dream
Tre laghetti park

… an idyllic recreation zone on the Mount Kühlbergl, not far from the town centre of Brunico: lush greenery and three picturesque lakes create an inviting atmosphere for relaxation.

… and many other places of power in South Tyrol and natural spectacles are waiting for you to discover them.